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Brining more youth into Open Source

Posted by Stefan Costen


YoMo Team For the past few months while working with EPIK it has been an idea and a dream to have a youth Mozilla an as of two days ago I have had my dream come true for a youth division of Mozilla following the Mozilla trend the name will be YoMo (youth Mozilla) and course YoMo is not restricted to "youths" YoMo is open to everyone that wishes to make a difference.

Knowing from previous talks this has been something Mozilla has being wanting to do. The idea YoMo will launch at KentChoices4You, a recruitment / Next choices fair for school/ collage leavers although open to the public on Day 2 of the Fair. Along with the launch of YoMo we tend to contact schools and collages on a new TeachTheWeb project I'm working on known as:

Building the web with Operations and System Administrations (BTWWOASA)

BTWWOASA Is a project that will hopefully be going in to school teaching young people about how the web works from infrastructure wise this will also be used to teach system administrations skills from basic Linux commands to running servers from operations side of things.

So yesterday (27th/May/15) I met at Mozilla London with Mozillian Tom to work on our Youth Mozilla mentorship program.
this following Links show out Structure and work flow:

Workflow Diagram

The following diagram shows the current Structure for Youth Mozilla YoMoworkflow

Key Points

1. Following the Leadership Structure once a person registers they are assigned a Steward by Governance

2. Steward arranges a informal welcome call to introduce him/her self and discuses contribution areas

3. a contribution aria is advised regarding talents of person

4. a mentor is assigned as a guide for the person through there contribution

Youth Mozilla Leadership Structure

The following diagram shows the current Structure for Youth Mozilla YoMoStructure

Key Points

1. Stewards - This will probably be reps or mozillians that have been with the project for a while

2. Mentors - Mentors will be already participating contributors with in there selected Functional area

3. Functional Leads - These are Functional area managers/ co-manages

4. Youth Ambassadors - these will be contributes who wish to run workshops in schools/ colleges ...

Youth Mozilla and Mozilla Clubs

so i was thinking and this idea came to me

so for the next step in YoMo while the participation team are building the program we would still need young people

so as a pilot session I'm planning to contact a school of which i was once at regarding running a workshop covering TeachTheWeb

then train year 10's into being able to deliver sessions to the younger years on web literacy, social media ... then have the school run regular after school clubs with in this and because we have trained the year 10 on mentioning and leading said sessions they should be able to run it when the other years become year 10 they will then be trained to running the sessions and mentioning there peers. and as such building a Mozilla Club within "every" school.

As far as Mozilla clubs go and the criteria a club can be a Mozilla club and having to be open Unfortunately schools wont like this so as a way around I propose we hack the Mozilla clubs framework were we are then able to have a separate category of club for educational Institutions (schools, colleges) as well as closed main stream clubs for eg The national autistic society

at a later stage we will then have connections with schools in the aria and access to young people to guide them into the Youth Mozilla program

doing this shows many facts of impact

1. Mozilla Clubs now have access to schools ...
2. Youth Mozilla is showing a impact and as such would then be worth something...
3. Schools fill a benefit as we are doing sessions with them around the Internet
4. we bring different Mozilla teams together
5. Mozillans can lead this further in there local aria's

as i stated this would only be in one school as a start as a pilot to see how it works ans what would need changing and then encourage the reps to do the same. I see huge potential within this as well as floors so lets highlight them and see if we can fix said floors