Deploying sensorweb in London

Posted by Stefan Costen on 30th June 2016 at 16:05 GMT

Myself and Tom from the UK Mozilla Community went to London for two days to deploy IOT (Internet of things) sensorweb devices across London. sensorweb is a Mozilla initiative to measure the pollution in the air across multiple places as well as connecting them to the web. which is achieved through the cellular network. In total we deployed 5 Devices across London one at the Mozilla Office the Hilton Metropol and Paddington and Marylebone road as well as these location some Local Mozillians took some devices home and put them on there roof.

we cane across an issue when we realized we did not have a drill in the office and after 20 minutes of phoning around hack spaces we were able to get a hold of someone that was able to let us use there drill which was awesome thanks Makerversity you were a grate help in making this happen.

I managed to get my sister involved to help put the devices together which was a grate help.

you can find more about the project over on there website